02 May 2011

Pop the Cork!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I'm sure many of you have marked special occasions
with a bottle of wine or Champagne.

When the bottles are empty, they're easy to recycle.
But what about the cork?

One option is to drop these off at a cork collection box
This non-profit environmental organization is also
committed to zero carbon foot print, thus in-store
drop off (instead of shipping) is encouraged.

Another option is to use these corks for crafting.
Let me show you how with a trip to
my favorite store:

For the entire month of April, many Anthropologie branches used
cork as part of their window display to show off cork's
versatility and also to celebrate Earth Day.
And that's one of the reasons why I love this store!
Recycling is at their very core.

Cascading cork.

Cork linked together as strands & chains.

Swags of cork.

Bending towers of cork.

This reminds me of a fisherman's net or a flying carpet.

Balls made out of cork.

More than 30,000 pieces of cork were used to create
these displays, can you imagine?!

Once the window displays are broken down, all these cork
will be returned to the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance
for their Cork ReHarvest program. These will no longer
be used for new wine bottles, but will be ground up
to be used for other cork products (ex. floor tiles).

Tomorrow, another crafting idea with the
help of the Anthropologie display team.
See you then!


  1. these anthropologie displays are amazing!!! and the balls look awesome, I could try to make something similar by myself!

  2. So wonderful right? Thanks Mnemonique! :)


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