24 May 2011

Bake Me a Cake

This week on my blog, we're getting crafty in the kitchen.
Whether you're giving a gift to a neighbor who just
moved in or a token to some friends who invited you
over for a barbecue, something homemade isn't
really expected but is always appreciated.

Especially if you're savvy in the cooking or
baking department.

I made this German Apple Cake for a party over the
weekend. Apples are always available in the market
and the recipe was simple to put together.

Similar to yesterday's post, here's how I packaged it:

I left the cake in the baking pan, wrapped it up in an
extra-large cloth napkin and knotted the ends.

Then I added a vintage cake server.
{My friend loved it!}

When the hostess decides to add this cake to the
dessert buffet, she can easily warm it up in the
oven before serving it on a platter.

TADA! She gets to use the cake server, too.
{And I foresee that this will come in handy
in her future parties.}

You'll have to decide beforehand if you want to
give her the baking pan as part of the package
or whisper to her that you'll collect it
before you leave.

No blah foil. No blah plastic.
Just everyday TADA! objects that can be used
over and over again.

Not to mention TADA!-tasting cake, too.


  1. So cute! The packaging reminds me of Japanese furoshiki wrapping.

  2. sorry for this confession, but I do love you and your ideas!

    Monika from

  3. Thanks for your kind words Demie, Alice and Monika! Thanks for spreading the love. :)
    Yes Alice, this is based on Furoshiki -- I've wrapped some gifts using this method, why not use it on baked goods, right?!

  4. I LOVE this...would love to receive an apple cake like this! Mmmm! And you wrapped this in nice fabric again...I adore the red bandana, too. So "green"...I try to get by without using plastic wrap, too!

  5. Hi Marfa! I'd love to share a slice of apple cake with you. Hooray for being "green"! :)


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