16 December 2011

Decorations for Dessert

As we celebrate Friday, here's a final idea
to turn this blah into a TADA!:

blah: used gift wrapper

TADA!: Delightful dessert toppers

They're easy to assemble: Glue gift wrap onto
cardboard and make desired shapes using a
decorative puncher. Attach one end of a
toothpick to the cardboard with tape or
a bead of hot glue.

Use on top of cake pops, brownies,
cupcakes or truffles.

Have a fun & yummy weekend!


  1. I tried to leave a comment on an old post of yours- the statement necklace made from old sticky tape rolls- but blogger won't let me. Nevermind, I'll just become a follower instead :)

  2. now the tada in these pics has to be the desserts. yum!!

  3. Thanks so much Lisbonlioness! Sorry about the problem with the comments section -- I think a lot of people are having trouble with that :(
    Not sure how I can fix it! Thanks for your note & for following me!


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