12 December 2011

New Uses for Old Gift Wrapper

Thank you for visiting me today!

One of the things on your holiday shopping list
would be gift wrap. Don't you just love the
festive patterns available out there and
how pretty the gifts look when they're
all wrapped?

Sadly, once the gifts are opened,
the fancy gift wrap are banished
to the trash bin.

I know it's weird, but sometimes, I like to keep the
used gift wrap. It's just blah to throw them away!

I cut them into strips of varying lengths,
glue the edges together and pile them on
top of each other. Then I staple them to
form this paper ribbon.

TADA! It's all you need to dress up a plain gift box.

It's as decadent as store bought ribbon
but no need to pay full price.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful :) I need to study how it is done and try to do this myself. I just about to start warping Christmas gifts :)

  2. Thanks Cocktail Party gang! :)

    Hi Paskalily! It's easy: take a paper strip and make the ends meet, then glue them together. Find the middle and staple...you now have a bow! Make at least 3 of these, pile them on top of each other and staple again. Add double-sided tape at the bottom and attach to gift :) Enjoy!

  3. It's not weird at all, Claire, it's a great idea..I save used gift wrap all the time in spite of being teased about it. I decorate my plain boxes just like you do. Pretty and hardly any cost..got to love that:)

  4. Thanks Betty! We belong to the same club, teehee :)

  5. LOVE IT! a few years ago found your blog and i still thinking you are very creative and transform in something beautiful.. love your blog.

  6. Thanks for your lovely note Miss Living my 40s (wish I knew your name)! Your kind words made me smile!


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