06 December 2011

Wishful Packages

I found a few paper bags from my stash of blahs:

This one's from Trader Joe's and in the attempt of
reusing, reducing and recycling, I'm transforming
the bag into small packages instead of buying
gift wrapper & gift bags for the holidays.

What was once blah...

...is now TADA!

All I did was cut the bag into smaller rectangles,
fold these into envelopes and glued
three edges together.

I left the top open to tuck in the gift.
Then, I'll seal it with tape, a note & a ribbon.
I'm quite sure that whoever receives
it will appreciate that I'm having
a truly green Christmas!


  1. This is nice Claire.

    I found this year that sending paper bags through mail is an ordeal, due to the hard botton, it gets weird to condition it in the Postal PacKages.

    I'm saving this post for next Christmases or sendings.

    Thank you Dear and Wishes of a Merry and TADA Christmas!

  2. Thanks Teresa! I wish you a very Merry Christmas season too! :)

  3. Super ideas on paper bag wrapping, Claire. Oh great..now I'll be staring at the paper bags at the supermarket:)

  4. Heehee, Betty, you're too funny! Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  5. nice, nice. too bad there's no trader joe's in Canada

  6. Thanks for your visit Sandra! There should be Whole Foods there, right? Or check out some other shops with cool paper bags that you can transform! :)


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