28 December 2011

Tree of Life

Thanks for stopping by today!

I'm taking a pause and reflecting on the year that was. And if you're a crafter like me, this is a great excuse to craft.

I made this bracelet with charms marking
important events of my year.

One of the charms is this vibrant tree.
I look at it as a symbol of stability & longevity.

You see, this year I had a few minor health issues. I try to live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes, sickness can hit you out of the blue. And it's times like these when you value "normal days" -- days when you are strong enough to go through your daily routine without having to worry about aches or pains.

It's also this year that many loved ones and friends are battling health problems like heart ailments and cancer. It sucks. I worry for them and keep them in my prayers.

Health is a gift to be cherished.
This tree will remind me to never,
ever take it for granted.

Hope to see you back tomorrow!

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