01 December 2011

Stitch and Craft

There are different reasons why we craft. Whether we do it as a hobby or as a business, we find joy while making something with our hands and a have a sense of fulfillment when we finish. Some of us craft to help others just like Craft Hope. It's a group of crafters headed by Jade Sims who make handmade gifts for those who need them.

The most recent project the group completed
was turning blah pairs of socks...

...into TADA! sock monkeys!
{photo c/o Craft Hope}

These sock monkeys will go to children who lost their homes in the Texas wildfires. Their past projects include dresses made out of pillowcases sent to an orphanage in Mexico, dolls made for orphans in Nicaragua and baby blankets for newborns in India.

I thought this concept was mind blowing... a humble craft that brings hope across the world! If you browse their pictures, you'll see how many kind crafters enthusiastically take part.

They've completed their projects for 2011 but I think we should be involved next year! If you're interested, keep checking the Craft Hope website or Facebook page, look under "Current Projects", leave a comment and start crafting...because I know that the dolls that we sewed, the hats we crocheted and the quilts that we assembled will change a child's life.


Your comments are very much appreciated!