22 December 2011

Here Come Santa's Reindeer

Christmas is just around the corner.
Gasp! Are you all set?

Here's a stocking that hangs on one
of our doors...I added Santa which
was a gift embellishment.
Now doesn't the stocking
look more festive?

Even with limited time, you can
still do some blah to TADA!

Need some last minute gift ideas.
Here's some I found on Pinterest:

Beer bottles dressed up as reindeer!
Just use pipe cleaners, stick-on eyes
and pompoms.

A wash cloth transformed
into another reindeer.
You can use it to wrap bars of
soap or other bath products
to give away.

Reindeer pops that kids will love.
Made of marshmallows
dipped in chocolate and
dressed up with
pretzels & candy.


  1. Lovely ideas Claire..you inspire me to continue making gifts:)

  2. Thanks Betty! Aren't these reindeer gifts just adorable? :)


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