21 December 2011

Printed with Love

Do you give out holiday cards?
I love sending and receiving them!

This year, I sent out store bought cards.
There's nothing wrong with that.
When I can, I try to add a handmade
touch to my cards like these ornaments
from last year. But alas, sometimes
time isn't on our side.

I found these really cute prints on Pinterest:
A Christmas tree made of tiny foot prints

Another tree, this time, made with
hand prints

Check out these reindeer
also made of foot prints!


  1. Lovely Ideas!
    I wish I'd thought of the footprints when my kids were babies... going to spread the word through friends.
    Thank you Claire.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. aww. i loved doing things like that when i was in kindergarten except i made an angel

  3. Okay now I am giggling but loving it all the same:)

  4. Happy you like these Teresa, Sandra and Betty! Thanks for visiting today! :)


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