27 December 2011

Thoughts of Love

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
As the year comes to a close, I'm looking
back at the highlights of my 2011.

Look, I even made a charm bracelet:

Each charm represents a significant event.

Today, it's all about this heart in an envelope. I think it represents thoughtfulness -- one of the best qualities of my Uncle O. Uncle O is my dad's brother who loved to travel. He'd always send us a postcard from where he'd been or a greeting card to send some birthday love. Out of the blue, he would also call just to say hello. This October, Uncle O passed away.

I know, another death. It's heart-breaking. I hope I'm not making you depressed; I just wanted to honor his memory.

To my Uncle O -- this charm will always
remind me of your kind & gentle spirit.
Party on!

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