05 December 2011

Paper Bags Turned Into Gift Wrap

Happy Monday! In 2009, I created this post where I challenged myself to recycle a paper bag from Whole Foods.

Well, I'm at it again! Why waste a paper bag when you know someone slaved away over the graphic design, the approval, the printing and the delivery to each and every store? {So much work all for a bag!}

This week, let me show you how we
can break down these bags from

blah: a paper bag
{got to love the pops of color}

Select a section of the bag that's

Cut, fold, assemble & paste, and
this is what happens:

TADA!: An envelope with a handle!

I would use it to wrap a gift card to a restaurant
or a small present for a food-loving friend.

More tomorrow!


  1. I like to save my brown bags...did you see the recent Trader Joe's bags that have Christmas gift tags on them for you to cut out?

  2. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!! Absolutely love checking out ur posts :)

  3. Thanks Marfa & the gang at Cocktail Party! :)
    Gift bags that can be reused as gift tags...I love thoughtfully made paper bags!


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