30 April 2013

An Ode to Books

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Can I tell you about a certain blah in my life? There are no more bookstores in my neighborhood.

First it was Borders -- I wouldn't let a week go by without a visit.

Then Barnes and Noble closed, too. 

It makes me sad. I know it's easier to buy books on-line these days {whether real books or electronic ones}, but nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a bookstore -- exploring the new releases or second hand versions, finding a corner, and perusing pages of potential buys.  I also love how a new book smells.

via Oh So Beautiful Paper/Kelly Cummings
This guy expressed it so well. Maybe he and I should hang out.

I sort of accepted the reality that bookstores are becoming a rare species...until I visited one that was out of the way. Then the feelings of longing came back. Why does this neighborhood get to keep their Barnes?! 

Geez. Thanks for listening to my rant. I know there are still many folks out there who are patrons of bookstores and real books. Maybe you'll enjoy these crafty finds:

via Etsy
A set of postcards

via Etsy
An cross-stitched bookmark

via Etsy
A print made from an old dictionary page

Even if bookstores are slowly disappearing, may we never lose the love for reading. That, I think, is TADA!

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