08 April 2010

Souvenir Made Simple

Snow globes are a popular travel souvenir. But they can be quite expensive and require extra care when transported from your vacation destination to home.

Why not make your own using an old food jar?

I got this little peacock from a craft fair in Brazil. You could easily purchase small objects or pick them up for free (ex. shells, rocks, etc.).

Attach your souvenir of choice to the inner lid with super glue. Fill the jar with water. Add some glitter and a few drops of glycerin. The glycerin will allow the glitter (or "snow") to float around the jar when the jar is shaken. Screw the lid tightly and decorate the outside of the jar as you see fit.

Flip it over and TADA! -- your very own snow globe!


  1. SO COOL!!!! I have to make this!:).

  2. Hi!
    I visit now your blog for the first time! What a beautiful ideas!!!!
    Visit my blog, if you want
    see you soon

  3. Thanks for the nice words Lil Miss & Tiziana! Happy crafting :)

  4. That is SO neat... I never knew the secret ingredient to make flakes float around in a snow globe, but glycerin makes perfect sense!

  5. That is sooo cute! I love the peacock! This week's jar makeovers have been great! I've been inspired to save the jam jars and do some jar makeovers of my own... So happy I found your blog! :)

  6. Thanks Ann! Thanks Becca Ray! Your visit made me smile :)

  7. Okay, so I am loving your ideas! This snow globe is especially clever! SO CUTE! Great job! And thanks for your comment on my blog as well! Nice to 'meet you in the blogosphere'.

  8. Hi Nini! So nice to "meet" you! Thanks for visiting & happy crafting!


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