09 April 2010

Animal Kingdom

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have empty jars lurking around your house? Make them useful and turn them from blah to TADA!

Here's a blah coffee jar.

I cleaned it inside & out. Then I covered the lids with felt to disguise the brand & make the jar more decorative.

Then I glued on this adorable froggie!

And this cute lil' chickee!

Use these brand new jars for food gifts. Fill them with candy and use them as prizes for kiddie parties or baby showers. Envelope a gift in tissue and drop it into the jar...who needs a box & gift wrap?! The possibilities are endless!

Have an excellent weekend you guys!


  1. That is super cute!! I love this idea!!

  2. so perfect for party favors!!! so cute Claire!!

  3. Hello there Lil Miss, Melissa and Nuit! Thanks so much for your visit. Have a fun weekend :)


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