05 April 2010

Turning Jars into Stars!

I know it's a busy week for most of you, so I'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog today. This week, jars are the stars of recycling!

I scored this tiny jar of jam at a restaurant. I love this brand of jam and I adore the bottle & checkered lid! When it's all empty, I clean it up & turn it from blah to TADA!:

I made my own lip balm and used the jar
as a container.

{Find the tutorial here.}

Make a few extras to share with your girl friends!


  1. This is SWEET!! I will have to try this! xo

  2. I've always loved these jam jars because of the plaid lid. This is a really fun idea.

  3. Thanks so much Caroline, Morgan and Glenda for your lovely comments!

  4. I always used to buy these jars too when I used to live in Canada. What a cool idea?

    p.s. how do you make your own lip balm? Could you post this in a tutorial?


    Rambles with Reese

  5. Thanks Reese! You can easily make your own lip balm. I followed these instructions from Martha Stewart:


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