29 April 2010

When Autumn Comes

I'm taking these flowers to a dinner party.

The flowers are really the gift, I just included the vase to spare my host the trouble of doing an impromptu arrangement when she, obviously, is busy cooking & entertaining.

I found the vase at the Salvation Army thrift store. I thought it was really pretty, it has the "Martha Stewart" sticker at the bottom and it was so inexpensive!

But when all the flowers are gone, it doesn't mean you have to put it away or throw it away.

When Autumn comes, fill it with a handful of pine cones
or colorful leaves to bring the outdoors in!

It can also be a hang-out for pears
& apples as you wait for them to ripen.

So many ideas for a single vase!
More to come tomorrow.
Have a nice day!


  1. loved the vase with pine cones! I have filled similar vase with wine corks and it also look great :)

  2. Pine cones! Who would have thought?

    Great ideas!!

    Maybe the pears could be higher up for grabbing? :)

    PS I was wondering about the title, as there's such magnificent Spring outside! :) nice catch!

  3. Hi Danielle! Aren't vases so versatile? :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Hello Rosita...a wine cork collection in a vase sounds so much fun! Thanks for saying HI!

    Thanks for all your comments this week Layla!


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