02 April 2010

Springtime, Gift Time

All this week, we transformed different boxes
from blah to TADA!

Before bidding you a "Happy Weekend", here's one more:

Gift boxes like this one (given away for free during the holidays)
takes away the pain of gift wrapping.

But what if you want to re-use the box but the gift inside
is not from Victoria Secret?

Unless it's really the intention, we don't want to deceive
the recipient, now do we?
That would be a blah!

Just call in a few butterflies to help you out.

They're made of scrap paper & glitter.

And they cover the logo quite well.

As an added bonus, the person who receives the gift
can recycle the box for her stuff

or use it as a gift box once again.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. The butterflies are really nice:)

  2. those butterflies are adorable! you're amazing!

  3. Hooray for homemade butterflies! Thanks Lil Miss & LacyHolly!


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