15 April 2010

I.D. your I.D.

There are some things that are difficult to throw away. One such thing -- ribbons. I always say, "I can use this someday." And this week on my blog, I've shown you how I used & re-used these ribbons.

Here's a ribbon I saved from a box of chocolates.

String some beads.
Tie some knots.

Add an I.D. hook.

Clip on your office I.D., building pass or
conference name tag.

Tada! A lanyard that's chic &
totally personal!


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  2. Hey hun,

    Been away for a bit but love seeing you are still up to your old ways - so creative! :) xxx

  3. Hello Sherlyn and Curious Cat! Your visit brought sunshine to my day :) Thanks!

  4. Clair,I stumbled upon your blog quite some time back but never really commented on anything but I seriously love love love your blog..I love how creative you are and I love how simple and fun your creations are ..Going overboard..am I not!

    Anyway thanks for your brilliant ideas..

  5. You are very sweet Sumi! Thanks a lot! :)


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