07 April 2010

Beauties for the Bathroom

Well, hello there! If you've visited my blog before, you know that I'm a big fan of jars. I've recycled them here, here and here. There are just so many ways to re-use jars! Case in point:

This empty glass container.

Add some of these funky frames...

...And TADA! You've got something groovy to use
storage for bath essentials like Q-tips...

...or cotton balls!


  1. oh fabulous! i just did a little renovation in my bathroom {new paint + new sink} and I am in desperate need for cute q-tips storage, thank you Claire!!!

  2. Hi Nuit! I bet your bathroom looks fantastic! You've got awesome taste :)

  3. We grew up by the beach and many relatives by the beach. My mom saves these little jars and we keep our favorite shells and sea glass in them. She hot glues tropical fabric to the lids. Also, one year we went for a family vacation to the Bahamas right before Christmas. For small presents that year we did the same thing, but with the white white sand from the Bahamas and teeny perfect shells we found there and gave them as gifts to people. It's a cute display and keeps the shells intact and dust-free!

  4. Oh! I really like this. Very easy and something I will definitely try in the future.

    Thanks for the idea!

    Hope you had a great Easter!


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