26 April 2010

Let's Go Shopping

Happy New Week Everyone.
This week we're going shopping!

Like many of you, I enjoy treasure hunting at
thrift stores & charity shops.

One of my favorite haunts is the Salvation Army,
particularly their New York City branch located on
536 West 46th St., between 10th & 11th Avenues.

Their thrift stores, located all over the world,
is but one of many fundraising arms
to help save lives.

There are many Salvation Army Thrift Store branches
around New York City, but I love this branch
because it's big, and that means,
there's a lot of stuff!

The second floor overflows with clothes, shoes & bags.
On the third floor, there are sporting gear...

... items for the house, records, books...
... and furniture -- great pieces for DIY projects!
They can also deliver your bulky purchases for a fee.

I always leave the shop with a little something --
a book, a cup & saucer, balls of yarn,
greeting cards. I know that even a 99 cent
sale can help in their programs.

On this shopping trip, I zeroed in on the glassware.
You see, I need a vase.

And I found one!
I examined it and hey, it's a Martha Stewart vase!
All it needed was some cleaning and at only $1.99,
I bought it immediately.

You'll have to stop by tomorrow
to find out what I did with it.
Take care!


  1. I love those yellow rose lamps. We just moved to a new area and our Goodwill does not have any large pieces or furniture items... it's so sad b/c I am a chair addict!

  2. Thrift store shopping can be wonderful. I'm glad you found something awesome!

  3. no kidding! what a great find!

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting :) You're right, those lamps are pretty. Good luck with searching for the perfect chair/furniture & I hope you've settled in your new place quite well!

    Thanks dear Susan! There are days when I'm lucky & days when I'm not :) This trip was a lucky one! Take care!

    Hi Nuit! So happy you liked my cheap thrill. Have an awesome week :)

  5. One of THE best places to shop!! And that store?? LARGE!! I could kill a lot of time in that one (: Congrats on the good find!

  6. Thanks for your visit Miss Homesteading Apartment! I love your enthusiasm over my find :)


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