28 April 2010

Summer Colors

The star of the show on my blog this week is this vase:

I got it for $1.99 at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.

I bought a friend a bunch of white carnations and thought that putting them in this vase would be a thoughtful gesture. When the flowers are no longer looking perky, she can use the vase for other things.

In the summer, she can use it as a fruit bowl --
pile on the citrus while creating a colorful display.

Or she can add some river rocks & a floating candle!
Won't this be a nice centerpiece for dinner on the patio?

Please stop by tomorrow.
I've got a few more ideas to make this vase
even more TADA!


  1. love those salvation army shops :))

  2. vase filled with oranges looks really great :)

  3. I agree Rosita...it's so refreshing :) Thanks for visiting today!

  4. I like the floating candle idea:).

  5. oh I love the idea of the river stones and the floating candle!!! gorgeous!!!

  6. I really love the oranges and the candle ideas!!

    Soo classy!!!


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