16 April 2010

Never Lose A Page Again

What a week this has been!
Today, let me give you the last of my
RRR (ribbon remnants recycling) project.

Oh ribbon, why so blue?

If I glue you on securely to the spine of a book...

Tada! You're an instant bookmark!

Now, pages are easy to find & you'll never, ever fall off.

Have a glorious weekend everyone!


  1. That is super clever, I always like books that have attached ribbon bookmark but never thought of doing it myself.

  2. Ditto both of the above comments--that is genious!

  3. aaah! so that's how you do that!

    It's too cute!

  4. How smart you are! All of my favorite art books are getting your fabulous treatment this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your ingenious idea!
    Peace & Love,

  5. Thank you for your visit Homemade Mamas, Melissa, Aurora, Nuit and Barb!


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