29 April 2011

Today is THE Day!

When I was a little girl, I remember watching
the wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles.
Fast forward to 2011, I'm now watching
their son, Prince William, get married
to Catherine Middleton.

Sigh. I love weddings and I love fantasy
weddings even more.

I'll be flipping channels to see how
different shows cover this big event,
and I'll be doing so with some girl friends.
Each one of us, wearing handmade hats!

Hats made in blah to TADA! fashion of course.

I bought these millinery feathers some time ago.
Alone, they're a bit blah.

But put them together and add some sparkle.

Then sew on a clip or comb.

TADA! A sophisticated fascinator to help me pretend
I'm a guest at the Royal Wedding.

Here's to romance and to happily ever after.
Have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. hmmm, I have a lovely peacock feather and since a year I don't know what to to with it, now you gave me an idea!
    I like this lovely smiling head :D


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