21 June 2011

All in the Wrist

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Yesterday, we turned this empty watch box
into a cute mini storage solution.

Well, I didn't show you the inside:

This is what held the watch securely inside the box
before I removed it. You didn't think I'd throw that
away, did you?

I saw some potential in this blah "C" made out of metal and
velvet. I like that it's super bendable so I adjusted the shape.

I made it into a beaded cuff! Wanna see?

I attached a string of clear sequins using hot glue.

I love how it complements my J. Crew bracelets!


  1. I really love that idea!
    Hugs from Spain

  2. And I've been throwing that kind of stuff away! I've been cleaning 'up and out'. Then I see a wonderful idea here and I sigh..I loved the button box too.
    Beautiful work, Claire!

  3. so creative! how great. I'm going to have to remember this!

  4. Thanks & lots of hugs to you, Betty and Amy!


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