06 June 2011

Let's Hear it for T-shirts!

I hope you had the most beautiful weekend dearies!
The weather was perfect here and I hope it was
in your town, too.

T-shirts have been a popular blah on this blog.
Well, all of us have t-shirts and we have to
get rid of them at some point.

But you know that the "getting rid" part
isn't entirely true.

After a session at the washer-dryer and when you've
said your farewells, secure the front & back of the
t-shirt with some pins. Cut the shirt in thin strips,
about one inch.

Pick up a piece, take one end with your left hand,
the other end in your right and stretch the strip.
Stretch hard until the strips are thinner and
a few inches longer.

The edges have to curl inwards.
Keep stretching the remaining strips.

Now we've got ourselves a skein of cotton
that any crafter will go gaga over.

Add a few fat, swishy beads...

Instant necklace!


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