30 June 2011

Blooming Bag

How's it going everyone?
I hope you're having a marvelous week.

Yesterday, I played around with a placemat
and transformed it into an evening bag.
I got a kick out of that, so today I'm making
another one.

blah: a barely used placemat

Orient it vertically towards you.
Fold it in thirds and stitch the two edges
of the bottom fold.

I saw this Valentino clutch in the March 2011 issue
of the Oprah Magazine. Cute right?
I used it as my muse.

To my D-I-Y clutch, I attached some brooches that I
made out of bold-colored felt & covered buttons.

Then I added a felt sash, a plastic buckle & Velcro closure.

TADA! My bag is in full bloom!


  1. In full bloom and looking beautiful for summer!

  2. Hi Betty! Hope you're having a bloomin' summer! :)

  3. excellent idea. can also be wrapped with solid color satin fabric and added with bids or jewels.

  4. All your posts are wonderful and me thinks you are absolutely adorable. Cheers<3

  5. You made me smile from ear to ear! Thanks Naveena! :)


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