16 June 2011

Positive Storm

I found a bunch of these blank cards:

And they meant it when it said "blank" on the package.
Even the cover had no images or words.

If you're an artist, you can sketch or paint
something pretty. If you take good photos,
a lovely snapshot will do the trick.

I'm a recycler. Call me recy-CLAIRE.
And I've a few pieces of felt:

So blah.

Create magic with scissors & hot glue
and TADA! -- a cute greeting card!

It says, "To a shower of blessings" and
that's what I wish you today, whether it's
rainy or sunny in your neck of the woods.


  1. génialllllllll !
    i love your blog you have a lot of ideas !
    sandra from France

  2. Welcome to my blog SaCha! I hope you'll be able to do some recycling, too. Thanks for visiting! :)


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