28 June 2011

Floral & Stripes

I'm glad you could come by today!
Ready for another recycling project?

blah: remnants from an old shirt, most of which
were used in this shoe bag.

TADA! A flirty necklace that combines
floral accents & stripes.
I fashioned petals and "yarn" out of the T-shirt.

Then I added a chain and gold buttons.

TADA! I'm ready to wear it with
a basic Tee & denim cut-offs.

Enjoy your day!


  1. this is simply awesome. how much time does it usually take for you to create these? i always put off these projects till later thinking they'll take all the time in the world...

  2. Thanks for visiting today Blue! I have this blog to thank for keeping me "on track" with my craft projects, otherwise, I won't have any entries. :) When I have the materials, I make a list of the possible "TADAs", but crafting/making the piece sometimes can take time. Thankfully also, crafting is my form of relaxation. :)

  3. Claire, you need to model these creations:) They are amazing!

  4. Ooh Betty, I'm too shy! Thanks for stopping by as always! :)

  5. this is adorable!!! looks expensive too! x


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