27 June 2011

Summer Staples

I'm really enjoying the long sunny days,
the endless list of outdoor activities
and the carefree outfits that
only summer can bring.

This week on blah to TADA!, I'm pulling
out some stuff hiding in my closets and then
injecting them with a summer kind of vibe.

Let's start with sandals, shall we?

A pair of silver sandals is cute.
But you know how we can make them cuter?

With a few embellishments made out
of tulle, rhinestones & pearls.
All sewn together.

TADA! Pretty in pink.

A nice way to show off a new pedicure and
just the right companion for a summer dress.

Give an old pair of sandals a lift and do a
little blah to TADA! yourself.


  1. Very pretty, Claire and just right for that special occasion. Now if only I could wear those thingies between my toes:)

  2. Thanks for this lovely note Betty! Have a nice week! :)

  3. Your brain is brilliant! You come up with some awesome stuff!

    You should contact Snarky Drea to be featured on her series... http://snarkydrea.blogspot.com

  4. So cute....I love how you made those sandals SO pretty!

  5. Hello McKinley, Marfa and Nuit! Thanks for lifting my spirits today! :)


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