07 June 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Knot

It's another week of T-shirt transformations!

Yesterday, I showed you how to make "yarn" out
of on old T-shirt. Simply cut the shirt into uniform strips.

With this "yarn", I'm going to make another necklace.
Here's how:

Gather five long strands, find the middle and secure with
a safety pin. Attach the pin with a binder clip and use
this to hang on a hook or nail.

Make some knots & repeat to make several rows.

Just take a new, loose strand.
Knot once on one of the hanging strands.
Grab the strand beside it and knot again.
Keep doing this until you've finished a row.
The knots should look like they are
hugging the strands.

Once you've finished a row, end with a double knot.
Trim ends but leave a half-inch tail.
Hide the tails at the back by twisting, tucking
and hand-stitching in place.

Take a new, loose strand and repeat process.
I made 10 rows, you can make more or less.

How do you like my handcrafted necklace?

Knot the dangling ends for a clean look.
This is meant to be worn like a medal
{so make sure there's enough room to
fit it over your head}, but you can
use a necklace closure that you can
buy at a craft store.

I think I want to make more in other colors!


  1. Super happy you like it! Thanks Clara! :)

  2. you are a powerhouse of creativity :)

  3. I am very grateful for the gift of creativity. I really am. Thanks Aakash! :)

  4. I like it so much! So original!

  5. darliagosto 20,2012 congratulations you are a very ,very great artist


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