01 June 2011

A Crafty Spin

Many bangles means many options.

You see, I've got quite a number of these bangles.
Given that it's Wednesday, I'm still turning
the same thing from blah to TADA!

And you guessed right: there's thread involved.
But don't worry, no beads this time!

I cut a super long piece & secured it to the two bangles
with a double loop. Then I made a mock-knit stitch with
my fingers, making sure the bangles were covered.

TADA! I made something new from something old!
{And quite fashionable if you're into the color-blocking trend!}


  1. You are probably the most creative person I "know" !!! Thanks so much for lovely tips : )

  2. My pleasure Demi! Thanks for being so
    encouraging -- it keeps me inspired! :)

  3. this is gorgeous!!! I love this projects, I will get some bangles to try it :) the last project with the beads is to DIE for. thanks Claire! xo

  4. Can you explain how to do the "mock-knit" stitch? These are adorable!


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