20 June 2011

Odds and Ends

Hey Everyone! So happy you could visit me today.
If you rummage through your house, I bet
you'll find a lot of stuff that you no longer use.

I'll show you some of my "stuff."

No. 1: An empty watch box
No. 2: Eyeglasses case
No. 3: Plastic clips
No. 4: Eye wear container

"Off to the recycling bin" would be your first instinct.
"Blah to TADA! time!" would be mine.

Let's begin with this one:

I've since transferred the leather-strap watch in a special
watch case, leaving me with this empty, blah box.
I think it will make a TADA! container if spruced up.

Digging through my sewing kit, I found these
black buttons. It's a collection of extra buttons
that come with brand new shirts or jackets.
No buttons have come off those shirts so I
think I'm free to use these buttons
however I please.

I used a glue gun to attach the buttons on the box.

TADA! It's a new home for jewelry or office supplies
that I can proudly display on my dresser or desk.


  1. Cute! great for stashing more Blah clutter or maybe a gift box??

  2. Thanks Miss Monkey Sews! Indeed, box with so many purposes! :)

  3. Hi Claire,

    I'm using this as the "inspiration" for my July 28, 2011 post.

  4. That's great Lori! I'm already looking forward to it! Thank you. :)


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