10 June 2011


Whoever said that "a single outfit can have a whole
new look just by changing the accessories," got
it right on the money.

And that outfit, once you're tired with it
can be turned into accessories.
Yes, accessories.

All this week, I showed you how to
turn a single T-shirt into four different
necklaces. Ready for one more?

The remnants were enough for a wrist accessory.
I found this bangle that was dying for a new look.

Make long strips {the same demo from Monday} and
neatly connect them together with hot glue.
Wrap the bangle with the "ribbon" you made,
keeping the "stripes" straight and tight.
Secure end with hot glue.

Now you have a brand new bangle.

Have a superb weekend!


  1. Okay girl you amaze me with your ingenuity..I'd like you for my next door neighbour..I'd be over scooping up all those pretty things:)

  2. Yes Betty, I agree. Let's be neighbors and swap stories (and snacks...and crafts) like old girlfriends! Have a fun weekend!


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