25 July 2011

Nice Notebooks

What a sizzling weekend!
I hope it wasn't scorching hot in your part of the world.

The theme this week on blah to TADA!
is scrap paper and do-it-yourself notebooks.
A paperless lifestyle is still elusive
so might as well recycle, right?

Over the years, I've amassed quite a number of Metrocards
from taking the New York City subway. In fact, I have a
habit of keeping subway tickets as a travel souvenir.

But what do you do when you have too many?

Turn them into mini notebooks!

I made holes on the Metrocard and some scrap paper
with a hole punch and I used a spiral wire saved
from an old notebook.

Small & handy to jot down everyday reminders
and TO DO lists.


Your comments are very much appreciated!