15 July 2011

Name Plates

Happy Friday!

This week's stars are these alphabet cookie cutters
that I bought for less than US$5.00. If I got a
brand new set, I would have spent at least $10.00.
When I was paying for it, the shopkeeper asked,
"What would you use these for?"

Well, If he visited my blog, he'd have many
answers. And I didn't even use them
for baking cookies.

Today's craft, lovely name plates, again makes use
of salt dough. You can find how to make the dough in
I made these rectangles by cutting the dough with a knife.
I also cut out letters {spell out names or favorite words}
using the cookie cutters. Attach the letters to the
rectangle with water {applied with a fine tip paintbrush}.
With a toothpick, I made holes on the four edges.

Place these on a cookie sheet and bake for two hours
in a preheated 250 degree oven.

After it cools, you're ready to paint:

Make sure to hit the nooks and crannies
and apply several coats of paint.

Here's how I would use it:

Sew it on a plain canvas bag.
This is an easy way to stay organized -- make one for
each member of the family. One that he or she can bring to
daycare, school, the office, the gym, dance class or art lessons.

Instead of names, you can also assign tasks like
"laundry", "toys", "books" or "knit & sew".

I hope you liked my ideas this week.
Have a wonderful weekend, okay?


  1. Good idea! I needed something like that to mark laundry boxes and bags with. Do you think it is possible to wash those bags with name plates on?

  2. salt dough is such a great and simple craft to make! you thought of such fun salt dough projects!

  3. Hello Paskalily! I have to try how the name plates will fare when thrown in the washing machine. I'll keep ya posted! :)

    Hi Jaclyn! Hooray for salt dough.

    Thanks ladies for your sweet comments!


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