22 July 2011

Power Words

One impeccable design idea I got from interior designer/
TV host Nate Berkus is to frame letters:

Ever wonder what to do with all of the notes that you
have hanging around your house from important
people in your life? "Frame them," says Nate.
"I have done it for years."

One-page notes are the easiest to frame.
Keep that in mind the next time you
write someone a letter or thank you!

I think this is a clever idea because words
can be very powerful & the hand-written ones
are hard to come by these days.

I made a mental inventory and here are
two letters I've received that I would love to frame:

In one of my previous corporate jobs,
my boss wrote me this note. It surely
lifted me up in ways you couldn't imagine.
I was overwhelmed with the volume of work,
I was adjusting to an unfamiliar process,
dealing with demanding clients and I was
just burnt out. This note, tacked right smack
in the middle of my cork board, was always
a reminder that things would get better
and that my work was appreciated.

This other one is a birthday card
from a longtime friend & business partner.

It's a pop-up card.
{He knows I adore pop-up cards}
He wrote me this message.
It reminds me how long we've been friends,
how he knows the little details of my life
and gives me a boost of confidence.
Isn't that what friends are for?

I hope you can find that perfect letter
worthy to be framed.

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. ,,,a very splendid idea to frame all things special outside of our precious photos,,,most recently, i framed love letters my paternal grandparents wrote each other while they were courting, priceless artwork!,,,"claire you're doing a good job!",,,have a *tada* weekend!,,,

  2. hi Claire, thanks for the visit lades! this is truly a great idea, agreed 100%! love Nate, just watched his new show for the 1st time the other day and it's awesome on all counts. cheers to your framing plans, def worthy contenders. happy weekend! ♥

  3. Hello Rebecca! Framing your grandparents' letters is awesome. I would love to read those, see the script and the words that give you butterflies in your stomach. :) Thanks for your kind words!

    Hi Lynn, welcome to the Nate fan club and thank you for coming over! :)


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