14 July 2011

Golden Pendants

How's it going?
I hope you're having an excellent week.

Today, I've lined up these thrift shop-find cookie cutters
for another task.

Similar to yesterday's TADA!, we're using
salt dough to make some pendants.

After the salt dough has been rolled out, I cut out
some circles using a 3 1/2 cm diameter cookie cutter.

Then I cut out a few letters.
It's important that you dip your cookie cutters in
flour before putting them into the dough to avoid
these from sticking.

I apply a little water {with a fine-tip paint brush}
to the back of the letter and lay it on the circle cutout.
This process makes the letter adhere to the circle.
I make a hole on top of the circle with a toothpick.

The circles sit on a cookie sheet, then baked for
two hours in a preheated 250 degree oven.

This is what they look like after baking.

Once cooled, paint them any color you wish.

I'm using metallic gold again so
they resemble real jewelry.
At least 3 coats of paint is necessary.

Add a ribbon {or chain} through the hole,
make a knot and TADA!, you've
got yourself a pretty necklace!

Use this as a party favor for older children, teens or
your best girlfriends!


  1. ,,,or as an embellishment on a package,,,thanks for the "tada" inspiration!,,,

  2. Who would have thought that these cookie cutters could produce such beautiful things! As you could tell by my comment the other day..I had only food on my mind:)

  3. You're right Rebecca, you can use this for so many things! :)

    Don't worry Betty, I have food on my mind almost all the time too! :)

    Thank you ladies for your fun visit!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I love meeting new people and fun blogs. Now you have me wanting to make salt dough ornaments with my girls asap!

  5. Many thanks Dawn & Olivia! So happy you could come over! ;)


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