29 July 2011

Take This to the Fair

Hello and Happy Friday!
I've been making my own notebooks this week
using scrap paper and other blah things I
scoured at home.

Today, I'm turning this empty gift card holder
from blah to TADA!

Inside there are some pockets where the
gift card and a pull-out list of store branches
were snugly tucked in.

I covered it with left-over gift wrapper and glued on
random numbers cut out from a magazine.

Inside, I added ruled paper cut to size.

A wad of Post-its finds a place in
the inside front cover...just because
they are always handy.

I've given this notebook a mission.
It'll accompany me to different craft fairs:

I can make notes about the sellers, their
products and stuff that inspire me.

Then I can keep the business cards
I've collected in the slots at the back
or even store some of my own.

Have an exciting weekend!


  1. Now THAT is adorable! You are so creative.

  2. Very cool. I want to go to a Renegade Fair one day.

    p.s. I've been collecting cereal boxes to make file boxes like you did. xo

  3. Thanks a bunch Reese! The Renegade Craft Fair is one of my summer highlights...wish I could go to the ones in other states too like SFO, etc. There are so many talented crafters in the world :)


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