18 July 2011

Affordable Art

Do you have empty walls in your home or apartment?
Let's face it, artwork can be expensive
and not a lot of us are ready to make
the investment.

This week, I have a some suggestions
on dressing up those blah walls.

This is a postcard I picked up at a department store's
carpet section. It advertises British fashion designer
Paul Smith's wall hanging called "Love Too".

If you're a fan of Sex and the City, you'll recognize
the actual wall hanging in Carrie Bradshaw's
renovated apartment {from the first movie}:

Here's another one called "Love" also
by the same designer.

Here's a coaster I found at the Renegade Craft Fair
from the Sesame Letterpress booth.

Here's how I turned them from blah to TADA!:

I trimmed the postcard to fit a frame.

Same for this one.

I removed the glass from this frame and glued
the coaster on scrapbook paper. There's
a 3-D effect going on.

Arrange the frames on one wall for a "love fest"
or display them in different parts of your home...
because it's always nice to spread the love.


  1. This is great! I need to find the cards from my trips and frame them. Thanks! By the way I like your choice - it is never too much of love and talking about love :)(I like "Sex and the City" too!)

  2. Yes Paskalily - cards from local bookstores or craft fairs can be wonderful souvenirs from a trip and you can frame them as instant art. Spread the love! :)


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