11 July 2011

"C" is for Cookie Cutters

How was your weekend lovelies?
I hope you had one of the best ones yet.

Last Friday, I told you about my fab find

It's this set of mini alphabet cookie cutters.
I paid only US$3.75 for it! The set was complete, there
were no deformed letters and they looked hardly used.

When you buy kitchen accessories like this, it's best
to give them a thorough cleaning before use.

I washed the cookie cutters in warm, soapy water
and scrubbed them by hand.

Then I let them dry with the help of a dish cloth and
some time under the sun {I'm afraid of rust!}.

This week, I'm figuring out different ways to use them.

Let's start with toast.
It's a tasty breakfast or snack but it can look so blah.

Before putting them in the toaster, spell out some words
like "Yum", "Cool" or your kids' names if they aren't too long.
Press them half way through & gently remove the cutters.
You just want to make indentations, not remove any bread.

Pop the bread into the toaster and...

TADA! Personalized toast!

Depending on your toaster and heat setting, the
results can vary. I would have wanted a darker piece
but I prefer my toast on the less crunchy side.

Have a mighty good Monday ya' all!


  1. Who knew toast could be so much fun to eat!

    Hope you're well Claire!

  2. Thanks for popping in today Reese! Thanks also for wishing me well. I hope you're doing great! :)

  3. Wonderful ideas! Very beautiful photos!!!

  4. So kind of you! Thanks Paskalily! :)


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