06 July 2011

A Flea Market in Rome

I'm reliving my previous travels, specifically to flea markets
in different parts of the world. I'm also showing off
some of my second-hand souvenirs.

Today, it's off to Rome, Italy!

This is the Porta Portese market in the Trastevere quarter.

It's open on Sunday mornings and gets crowded as
the day progresses.

Here you'll find new and used Italian goods...

...as well as not-so Italian items.

This is what I remember that trip by:

It's a metal tray that can be hung as art.
It's tarnished and has a few difficult-to-remove stains.
It has seen better days but I felt I had to buy it.

These days, I use it with my Moroccan glasses
when I serve homemade mint tea.

For the summer, the tray is an appetizer platter
brimming with gazpacho and crackers.

I can't wait to use it for dessert, too!


  1. Thank you Miss What Remains Now (I wish I knew your name)!

  2. Is that really the same tray? What did you use to clean it? AND do you have the gazpacho recipe? It looks so good!!!


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