26 July 2011

Menu Makeover

Ever get these on your doorstep or mailbox?

These are delivery menus.
Sure they're handy but I get a new one
every time I order in -- there's a pile on my
kitchen table, someone can easily accuse me of either
hoarding or being the chief distributor of these menus.
What a blah.

Here's how I turn them into TADA!:

I make them into notebooks.
The menus serve as the cover & I put scrap
paper inside. These are then stapled together.

These are very useful for making lists.

Here's another version.

They are ready for scribbles or sketches.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Ha ha I like it. But doesn't it make you hungry everytime you use it?

  2. You're right Hannelore, hunger is a possible side-effect! Heehee! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. You do think of everything Claire:)

  4. You're a sweetheart Betty! Thanks a bunch! :)


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