17 October 2011

Berry Nice

Did you have a fun weekend my dears?

The weather is cooler here in the East Coast
but the leaves haven't turned into
warm autumn colors yet.

It seems that, like me, they are
still hanging on to summer.

And one of the things I'll miss
about summer are berries.

I think berries are the jewels of summer.

These cartons of fruit got me
so excited to craft.

I'll turn this blah fruit box & blah paper bag
into a TADA! package for a gift.

I painted some strawberries on
one side of the paper bag.

Once the painted design was dry, I tucked
in a gift inside the paper bag.
Then I put the bag in
the fruit box.

Doesn't it look like a carton of strawberries?

Attach a tag with a rubber band or string
{like some farm stands do} and
finish with a beautiful note.


  1. Thank you for visiting and leaving such lovely comments on my blog! I love the ideas you have on here, the tree ring holder is such a cute idea and so easy!x

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving these lovely notes Becki and Little Tree :)

  3. How cute! I've always really loved the shade of green berry containers are... And I've always wanted to do something crafty with them.. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. My pleasure Beeca Ray! Thanks & happy crafting :)


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