10 October 2011

Combing Through Catalogs

I hope you had a stress-free weekend
my dear friends!

Do you get mailers & catalogs in
your mailbox? Here in the U.S.,
we receive quite a few peddling
anything from clothes, shoes,
accessories, toys & furniture.

I like to leaf through them
because many of them are very
well produced...you know what I
mean -- there's a concept, styling
and a story unfolding as you flip
each page.

The J. Crew catalog is one of those
ones I look forward to.

The pages are filled with ideas
on how to put clothes together
in a unique way.

It's also a good source
of blah to TADA! inspiration.

Take a look at these bangles
Won't they be the perfect
finishing touch to a cute outfit?

Well, let's try making something similar.

blah: plain plastic bangles

Add a few embellishments by attaching
with hot glue. TADA!

Certainly not as luxe as Lulu Frost's...

...but a cheap & cheerful transformation


  1. Oh, I'm crazy for catalogs. I always find inspiration in them, even if the inspiration I get is not what they're for...

    For example, I'm reading a clothes catalog and all of the sudden I take inspirations for a picnic with the setting they prepared.

    Or I see something that would be a TADA makeover of something.

    Wishing you a happy weeke,

  2. I totally agree Teresa! Thanks for coming over and have a wonderful week! :)

  3. ,,,i love lulu frost, these bangles are so easy to make, you can embellish them as much or as little as you wish, and make them look very close to lulu's, thanks for the *tada* idea, have a beautiful week!,,,

  4. Have a beautiful week too Rebecca! Thanks :)


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