05 October 2011

Illuminated Fashion

Hi there! I discovered some light fixtures
at some of my favorite shops.
I took pictures and I'm sharing
them all this week.

Today, it's all about
clothes that's seen better days.

blah: old denim

TADA!: Swags of braided denim with
strategically-placed spotlights.
It's a canopy of blue!

Here's another idea:

blah: a forgotten shirt

TADA!: an old shirt is re-worked to
spruce up a hanging lamp
{notice the buttons?}

It's a smart way to use a shirt
that's got sentimental value but you
don't necessarily want to wear.

I stumbled upon these at Anthropologie!


  1. Very interesting but I don't think I'd have the patience to stick with making the denim swags and not the talent to make the lamp shades:)

  2. Hi there Miss Cocktail Party! Hi Betty! These are a little fantastical...maybe a tiny version would be an easier blah to TADA! :) Thanks for visiting today.


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