31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!
Are you or your kids dressing up today?
I'll be a pirate tonight -- a TADA! costume I've
assembled with blah items from my closet.
I came across these creative costumes
made by recycling things at home:

A hot air balloon made of an old box
and paper bags

A Lego piece made from a big empty box
and small round boxes

A fish bowl made from plastic bags & paper

A gumball machine made from a plastic
bag and cardboard

A snow globe made from a plastic bag,
card board and cotton balls/fiber fill

These TADA! ideas are all from

I wish you a SPOOK-tacular day!


  1. Happy Halloween Claire!

    Your costumes are TADA indeed and so funny. Heidi Klum could learn a thing or two with you and your spirit of things.

    Take Care and Have LOTS of Fun!


  2. You're the sweetest Teresa! Happy Halloween too :)

  3. My husband is dressing up as a pirate too!

  4. Hooray for pirates! I hope you're dressing up too Sachinky...Happy Halloween! :)

  5. Thanks Claire for sharing these sweet homemade tadas! Wishing the kids would show up with these types of outfits..some great originals!

  6. love those. great ideas for next year

  7. Hello Betty! Hello Sandra! Indeed, these costumes are very original and either can win "Best Costume" for sure :) Thanks for coming over today!


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