14 October 2011

Cocktail Ring Lover

Yipee! Yay! It's Friday!

Thank you for checking out my posts.
This week, it was all about catalogs
and how each page carries so
much inspiration.

I found another idea from this catalog.

Can you see it? It's a ring holder.
Yes, it's that white twig-like
object in the center.

Here's a better view.

Well, we can make our own
blah to TADA! version, don't
you think?

blah: a twig & a rock found in the park

Clean with water & allow to dry.
Trim the twig to your desired height.

Then put together with lots of hot glue.
You can paint it all over or
keep it all natural.

TADA! An easy way to
store {and display} your
cocktail ring collection.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!


  1. Claire, I'd pick your ring holder over the other one any day! Homemade is best.
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Aww, Betty! Merci! Merci! Have a lovely weekend too :)

  3. Well Done..i like it..
    p.s plz remove the word verification from comment box, so you will have more comments definitely :)
    Have fun!

  4. Thanks for the tip! Please tell me how I can do that :) Thanks!


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