21 October 2011

Larger than Life

Since we're on the topic of recycling boxes,
I thought this was a good time to share
some super cool sculptures. They
are store window displays at the
Nike shop in Soho, New York City.

Standing at least 6 feet tall, this
creature is one big basketball fanatic.

Here's the back view -- see how he's
spinning the ball?

Can you believe that this is made
entirely out of shoe boxes?

Here's another one made of
black & white shoe boxes.

They were created by talented artist
Christophe Roberts...which he started
because he had so many Nike
shoe boxes in his closet.

Check-out this video on how he puts
sculptures like these together.

Awesome right?
Have an enjoyable weekend!


  1. love these! my hubby works at nike, so maybe that helps. i love seeing good ideas for what to do with shoe boxes!

  2. definitely looks cool. Couldn't tell it was made out of "scraps" from first glance.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Portland Sunshine and Sandra! :)


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