12 October 2011

Decoration Nation

I receive a lot of mailers and catalogs.
I like to peruse them before
banishing them to the recycling bin.

Here's one from a company that sells
its products in storefronts & on-line.

They have a lot of tech & travel stuff so I was quite
surprised that they sell decorations like these.

It's this photo that led me to this
blah to TADA! transformation:

blah: a plastic bag

Make flowers out of the bag
{You'll find the instructions here}.

Attach the flowers to a cardboard circle
with a glue gun.

TADA! A homemade wreath!
Replace the ribbon depending on the season -- silver for
a wedding, pastel for springtime, gingham for summer
and red {green or gold} for the holidays.


Your comments are very much appreciated!