18 October 2011

Food to Go

All this week, I'm recycling different kinds of boxes.

I like to order in every now and then.
I have a habit of keeping the
plastic food containers;
there's even a designated shelf
in my pantry for these.

Sometimes, I feel they're a blah because the shapes
and sizes vary, they don't stack very well.
But I still keep most of them anyway.

When you have a party, they're
very handy to store left-overs.
You can keep some in the fridge,
some in the freezer or send some
to your guests so they don't
have to cook the next day.

You can also give one to your doorman
or someone who helps you out

Just add a fork {also collected from
too much take-out}, a napkin
and why not add a drink, too?

Won't this idea be TADA!
for the coming holidays like
Thanksgiving & Christmas?

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